Integration Rules

In Mathematica Notebook Files

Rubi systematically applies precisely defined rules to efficiently integrate a large class of mathematical expressions. The rules are organized based on the type of the integrand. To download the Mathematica notebook source files defining the integration rules, click on one of the following expression types:

Note that Mathematica or the Wolfram CDF Player are required to load and view these files. The Wolfram CDF Player is available for free from the Wolfram Research website.

The integration rules are hierarchically arranged in the form of a decision tree. By answering true-or-false questions in the tree, it is easy for a human or computer to determine exactly which of the more than 6400 rules is the right one to apply to a given integrand. The rules are displayed in mathematical notation followed by the equivalent Mathematica program code. The following types of comments precede many of the rules:

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