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Dept. of Applied Mathematics, The University of Western Ontario, Middlesex College, 1151 Richmond St. N., London (ON), Canada N6A 5B7, Tel: +1-519-661 3649, Fax: +1-519-661 3523, E-mail: apmaths [at]

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Research - truly interdisciplinary. Our department is active in traditional areas of applied mathematics, including theoretical physics, and in new, rapidly developing fields. Profiting from their diverse backgrounds, department members share a common interest in mathematical applications and interdisciplinary research. The tools we use and design include computational & numerical methods, applications of massive parallel computers, or simply pen and paper. Areas of applications are computer algebra, mathematical biology, materials and biological physics, nonlinear dynamics and chaos, theoretical elementary particle physics, and modern applications of quantum and classical field theory.

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Finding better ways of delivering anti-HIV drugs Mathematical Biology Group, J. Theor. Biology, submitted.

Innovative environment. The interdisciplinary focus of our research is reflected by a number of joint programs and partnerships. For example, Applied Mathematics plays a leadership role in the Graduate Program of Scientific Computing and administers a collaborative Ph.D. program in Theoretical Physics jointly with the Department of Physics & Astronomy. Other UWO department partnerships include the Departments of Biology, Medical Biophysics, Chemistry, Computer Science, and Statistical & Actuarial Sciences as well as UWO's Molecular Genetics unit, and its renowned Ivey School of Business. UWO is a full member of The Fields Institute for Mathematical Sciences, providing our graduate students with access to programs, workshops, and other Fields Institute activities. UWO also has a memorandum of understanding with Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, as well as institutional membership in the Institute for Particle Physics (IPP) of Canada.

Students aiming high. A significant measure of a university's success is the record of accomplishment of its students. Applied Mathematics graduates have received numerous NSERC Post-Doctoral Fellowship Awards, as well as Ontario's prestigious C.G. Polanyi Prize for Scientific Research, the CAIMS (Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematics Society) Doctoral Dissertation Award, Canadian Operational Research Society Student Paper Prize, the Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science Postdoctoral Fellowship Award, UWO's Governor General's Gold Medal Award Highest Standing in a Graduate Program, and UWO's Society of Graduate Students Excellence in Teaching Award. A team of advanced undergraduate Applied Mathematics students has consistently performed well in the North America wide Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics Modelling Competition, including a First Place Award and several subsequent Certificates of Honourable Mention.

World class facilities. UWO's Department of Applied Mathematics is also the birthplace of SHARCNet - Shared Hierarchical Academic Research Computing Network. SHARCNet is a multimillion dollar initiative that has created a regional network of supercomputing resources across southwestern Ontario. SHARCNet is Canada's largest academic HPC facility.