Rubi Integration Test Suite

Expressed in Mathematica Syntax

This page provides links to text files containing the Rubi Integration Test Suite expressed in Mathematica syntax. Each problem is stored as a list of the following items:

  1. the integrand;
  2. the integration variable;
  3. the number of rule applications required to integrate the integrand;
  4. the optimal antiderivative; and
  5. on a few problems, a nonoptimal, but acceptable, antiderivative.

The optimal antiderivatives in the test suite are just the simplest ones found so far. If you find significantly simpler antiderivatives and want to contribute them to the test suite, please email them to Albert Rich.

Mathematica is required to load these package files; however, they can also be viewed as text files. To view or download the test suite files, click on one of the following links:

Integration problems from independent test suites:

Integration problems involving rational and algebraic functions:

Integration problems involving exponentials:

Integration problems involving logarithms:

Integration problems involving trig functions:

Integration problems involving inverse trig functions:

Integration problems involving hyperbolic functions:

Integration problems involving inverse hyperbolic functions:

Integration problems involving special functions:

The Rubi Integration Test Suite is a zip file containing the entire test suite expressed in Mathematica syntax. About 2.8 megabytes in size, it is organized into a hierarchical directory structure.

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