If you are interested in joining my group, the following are the possible ways, depending on your situation:

  • At undergraduate level:

  • At postgraduate level: If your career goal is an academic job, if you are a self motivated person and are interested in my research areas, you may consider joining my group as a graduate student. For information on our graduate program, including requirements for admission, financial supports and graduate courses etc, please visit Graduate Program in Applied Mathematics at Western

    I particularly welcome people with external scholarships, such as, Canada Graduate Scholarship, NSERC Postgraduate Fellowship, and Ontario Graduate Scholarship, as well as scholarships/fellowships by foreign governments.

  • At postdoctoral level: Depending on my funding situation, I may sometimes have postdoctoral positions open. Send me your CV if you are interested in such a position. However, for obvious financial reason, I particularly encourage eligible people to apply for an NSERC PDF (Canada), NSF PDF (USA), CSC PDF (China), or other similar PDFs to be held at Western.

  • As a visiting scholar: If you are interested in collaborating with me and are able to obtain funding to support your visit to me, I would be more than happy to host you, provided our research interests overlap.