People in Mathematical Biology Group
in the department of Applied Math at UWO
Front Row (from left to right):
Dr. Zhaohui Yuan (Postdoc).
Prof. Huiyan Zhu (Visiting Prof.)
Prof. Lindi Wahl
Rachelle Miron (4th year thesis student)
Jing Li (PhD candidate)
Yanyu Xiao (MSc student)
Jennifer Hubbarde (MSc student)
Back Row (from left to right):
Dr. Taishan Yi (Postdoc)
Zaheerabbas Hamzaali Patwa (MSc student)
Olga Krakovska (PhD candidate)
Prof. Xingfu Zou
Dr. Geoff Wild (Postdoc)

In Dr. Zou's group: For members in Dr. Wahl's group, click here
Flower Hour--- our weekly mathematical biology seminar: this term we meet every Tuesday at 1:30-2:30pm in MC204 and Jing Li is the organizer.