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Disc. Cont. Dynam. Syst. J Dynam. Diff. Eqns. Disc. Conti. Impuls. Dynam. Syst.
Adv. Diff. Eqns. Diff. Integ. Eqns. Diff. Eqns. Dynam. Syst.
E J Qualit. Thr. Diff. Eqns. E J Diff. Eqns. Rocky Mountain Journalsls
J Diff. Eqns. J Math. Anal. Appl. Math. Med. Bio.
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Mathematical Biology Journals:

  1. Theoretical Population Biology
  2. Journal of Theoretical Biology
  3. Mathematical Biosciences
  4. Bulletin of Mathematical Biology
  5. Journal of Mathematical Biology
  6. Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering
  7. Journal of Biological Dynamics
  8. Journal of Biological Systems
  9. Mathematical Medicine and Biology
  10. American Naturalists
  11. Natural Resources Modeling
  12. Mathematical Modelling of Natural Phenomena
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  • CMS: Canadian Mathematical Society
  • CAIMS: Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematical Society
  • AMS: American Mathematical Society
  • SIAM: Society of Industrial and Applied Mathemtics
  • SMB:Society for Mathematical Biology.
  • Fields: The Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences
  • PIMS: The Pacific Institute for Mathematical Sciences
  • CRM:Centre de recherches mathématiques
  • AARMS: Atlantic Association for Research in the Mathematical Sciences
  • CAM-Net: a net for the community of computational and applied mathematics.
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