2nd announcement of

The International Conference On Recent Development In Differential Equations And Applications

July 17-21, 2006, Guangzhou University, Guangzhou, P. R. China

Scopes: This conference will focus on recent developments in theory of differential equations with applications to models in biology, material science, wave propagation, electronic circuits, advanced material, nonlinear waves, networks of neurons, genetics, physiology, and related fields.

All Talks are by invitation only. However, there will be a poster session scheduled. Those who want to discuss their recent results with others yet are not invited are strongly encouraged to present their works in this session.  The talks start on July 17 and end on July 20.

Mini-Courses: Preceding the conference, a series of intensive mini-courses on advanced topics in functional differential equations will be offered by five leading experts in the area. The lecturers include Shui-Nee Chow (Georgia Tech, USA), John Mallet-Paret (Brown, USA), Roger Nussbaum (Rutgers, USA), Hans-Otto Walther (Giessen, Germany) and Jianhong Wu (York, Canada). Yong researchers including graduate students are especially encouraged to take these courses.  The lectures start on July 11 and end on July 15 (giving July 16 a break day before the conference). No registration fee is required for individuals approved by the organizing committee.

Mini-Courses’ Outline: Introductory material (linear theory such as projections, adjoint, inner products and variation of constants; invariant manifolds; attractors; Floquet multipliers and stability of periodics); Cone maps; Fixed point theory; State-dependent delays; Singular perturbations; Morse decompositions; Poincare- Bendixson Theorem and related topics; Global structure in monotone systems.

Pre-registration and abstracts:  In order to help us plan the conference, please complete and return the pre-registration form, and submit an abstract of your talk in Latex format. The abstract should include a title of the talk, speaker’s name, affiliation and e-mail address and should not exceed on A4 page. The pre-registration and the abstract can be sent to zzhou@gzhu.edu.cn and should be received by the deadline May 31, 2006

Registration fees: There is a registration fee of RMB 800 (for Chinese) or 100 U.S Dollars (covering meals and a possible local tour), and RMB 400 or 50 US Dollars for accompanying persons and graduate students. The fee should be paid upon arrival during the registration.  For invited speakers, the fee is waived. 


Sponsored by:

National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC);
National Ministry of Education;
Guangzhou University

Scientific Committee: Guanrong Chen, Shui-Nee Chow(co -chair), Weigao Ge, Shouchuan Hu, Wenzhang Huang, Zhujun JingTibor Krisztin, Yang Kuang, Chengzhi LiJibin LiWeigu LiYong LiBing Liu, John Mallet-Paret, Roger Nussbaum, Jiong RuanGeorge Sell, Wenxian Shen, Hans-Otto Walther,  James S.W. Wong, Yuefei Wang, Jianhong Wu, Zhihong Xia, Yuantong XuXiangdong YeYingfei Yi, Jiangong YouJianshe Yu(co-chair), Meirong ZhangSiming Zhu

Organizing Committee: Kening Lu, Jianshe Yu (chair), Xingfu Zou,

Local Organizing Committee: Guangfu Cao, Zhiming Guo, Zhan Zhou


Any questions and for more information, please contact   

Professors Zhan Zhou and Zhiming Guo    

School of Mathematics and Information Sciences

Guangzhou University   

Guangzhou 510006, P. R. CHINA    

Emails: zzhou@gzhu.edu.cn , or gzm100@21cn.com

Phone: +86-20-31877026, +86-20-31872171    Fax: +86-20-39366859   

Conference web page: http://maths.gzhu.edu.cn/conference


                                                                    The Organizing Committee



                                      February, 2006