Research Interests and Offprint Server for Rob Corless

Research Interests

My computational research interests include numerical methods for the solution of ordinary differential equations, symbolic and numerical methods for the solution of systems of polynomial equations, and other algebraic and analytical methods. My mathematical research interests include special functions (especially the Lambert W function) and dynamical systems. My application interests include flow-induced vibration and, more recently, mathematical models useful in biological or physiological systems.

I am also interested in research on the effects of using technology in education, specifically on the necessary changes of content that are mandated.

See the offprint server for papers that will give more details.

Some computer programs

  • (right-click and save as) BeautyClinic.mpl A Maple program by Erik Postma implementing the ideas of Rounding coecients and articially underflowing terms in non-numeric expressions by RMC, Erik Postma, and David R. Stoutemyer.

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