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Symbolic Computation Group at the University of Waterloo

Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations in Maple by Edgardo Cheb-Terrab and co-workers.

Waterloo Maple Inc.

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Macsyma, Inc.


Wolfram Research (Mathematica)

Axiom, from NAG (UK)


Sigsam Archive

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The Canadian Applied Mathematics Society.

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Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) homepage

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Guide to Available Mathematical Software at NIST

HotGAMS Java

HotGAMS with frames

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

Foundations of Computational Mathematics

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The Mathworks

Numerics interest page of David G. Hough

Other people

Nelson H. F. Beebe's home page .This has many, many useful links for HTML, TeX, and ACM material.

Jon Borwein's home page.

Peter Borwein's home page.

Bruce Char's home page . Bruce Char is the president of ACM Sigsam.

Gene Cooperman's home page.

My nephew Jason's home page at the University of Victoria (have a look at his Masters' thesis on the compression of Java class files for faster net transmission).

George Corliss's home page. (No, we're not related, but I am perfectly willing to claim him as a cousin!)

Home page of Paulina Chin.

Home page for James Davenport

John Edwards's home page .

Home page for John Fitch

Home page for Des Higham

Home page for Nick Higham

The home page of David Jeffrey.

The home page of Don Knuth.

Ha Quang Le's home page. Amazing graphics.

Susan McDonald

The home page of Stephen Watt.

Henry Wolkowitz's home page .

A link to some aerobics pages. (My wife, Sumaya, has been an aerobics instructor for over ten years now---I'm still trying to talk her into setting up a home page.)