Rob Corless

Dr. Robert M. Corless
Distinguished University Professor and Chair
Dept. Applied Mathematics,
Western Science Centre,
University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario

(519) 661-2111 ext. 88776
Fax: (519)661-3523

Picture Credit:Sumaya Corless

On the ice mountains at Lake Huron, April 2003

Positions held:

Professor and Chair, The Applied Mathematics Department of The University of Western Ontario

Distinguished University Professor awarded 2006

The Faculty of Science Distinguished Research Professor 1999--2000

Deputy Director 1998--2005, Ontario Research Centre for Computer Algebra

Honorary Professor, The Department of Philosophy, The University of Western Ontario

Honorary Professor, The Computer Science Department of The University of Western Ontario

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My research interests

Briefly, my research interests are Scientific Computation (including both symbolic computation and numerical computation, the last with an emphasis on the fidelity of numerical methods for chaotic dynamical systems) and semi-empirical mathematical modelling for flow-induced vibration problems. Click on ``My research interests'' above for a more introspective and detailed look.

My full research c.v. as of March 2004 (pdf)

My teaching dossier (teaching portfolio) as of May 2001 (pdf)

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