Change Options

Click the button on the toolbar to open the Change Options dialog box. Use options to:
  1. specify the search results window

    show search results in a single window (using frames)

    Turbo Start will show the results from all search engines in the same window. It uses frames to display multiple results in the same window. It also pre-loads the results from other engines so that they're displayed faster.

    It displays the results from the first engine that you selected, in the bottom frame. To switch to another engine, select its name from the drop-down list that appears in the frame on top-left.


    open one window for each engine

    Turbo Start will show the results from all the search engines in different windows using one window for each engine.

  2. specify the appearance of the search results window

    You can select to show or hide the various components in the search results windows:

  3. enable or disable metasearch

    Select the Disable metasearch checkbox to disable the "Metasearch using..." checkboxes at the bottom of several categories. This will prevent them from being selected when you press the "All" button. The metasearch engines will also not be listed in the engines drop-down list in the search results window.