Access Turbo Start quickly from your browser

You can use the options below to get quicker access to Turbo Start:

Add Turbo Start to your browser's links bar or personal bar

In Internet Explorer: In Netscape:

Make TurboStart your Start Page

To use TurboStart as your start page (the first page that loads up when your browser starts):

For Internet Explorer 5 users:

For Internet Explorer 4 users: For Netscape Communicator 4 users:

Add Turbo Start to your bookmarks or favorites

Switch to the Turbo Start window and press Ctrl + D to add Turbo Start to your bookmarks or favorites. To open Turbo Start in future, select it from your bookmarks / favorites menu.

Use Turbo Start as your Active Desktop

If you're feeling adventurous, install Turbo Start as your Active Desktop (requires Internet Explorer 4 or better and Win32). A lot of Turbo Start functions will be disabled, but you'll get to use Turbo Start as soon as Windows starts. Right-click on an empty area on your desktop, select Properties and select Turbo Start as your wallpaper. You may need to enable Active Desktop if it is not already enabled.