Symbolic Computation

All my recent papers on symbolic computation, except the ones on the Lambert W function, or on Polynomial Algebra By Values, are listed here. Links added as time permits.

Most recent ISSAC Paper:

Robert M. Corless, Mark W. Giesbrecht, Ilias S. Kotsireas, Mark van Hoeij, and Stephen M. Watt, ``Towards Factoring Bivariate Approximate Polynomials'', Proc. ISSAC 2001, London, Bernard Mourrain, ed, pp 85--92, 2001.



    East Coast Computer Algebra Day 1998 (colour postscript form). The PDF form contains curious Adobe Distiller errors---for example, it prints commas as Gamma functions, once the font for Gamma is loaded I presume. Bizarre.

    Emerging Tools (work in progress)

    1. emerging.tex
    2. emerge.bib
    3. fig11.eps
    4. riemws01.eps
    6. Graph of the Julia set

    Sigsam Bulletin Papers

    1. Robert M. Corless and David J. Jeffrey, The Turing factorization of a rectangular matrix in progress.
    2. Robert M. Corless, ``Groebner Bases and Matrix Eigenproblems'', Sigsam Bulletin Vol. 30, No. 4, Issue 118, (Dec. 1996) pp. 26--32 Postscript Form . Some tutorial material which is useful as an introduction to this paper was given in a lecture in my computer algebra class. Postscript form of the lecture notes.
    3. Robert M. Corless and D. J. Jeffrey, ``The Unwinding Number", Sigsam Bulletin Vol. 30, No. 2, Issue 116, (June 1996), pp. 28--35. Postscript Form
    4. Robert M. Corless, ``Cofactor Iteration", Sigsam Bulletin Vol. 30, No. 1, Issue 115, (March 1996), pp. 34--38. Postscript Form
    5. Robert M. Corless, ``What is a solution to an ODE?", Sigsam Bulletin, Vol. 27, No. 4, Issue 106 (Dec 1993) pp. 15--19. Postscript Form
    6. Robert M. Corless and D. J. Jeffrey, ``Well, it isn't quite that simple", Sigsam Bulletin, vol. 26, No. 3, Issue 101 (1992) pp. 2--6.
    7. Robert M. Corless and D. J. Jeffrey, ``A Comparison of Three Computer Algebra Systems for the Solution of a Problem in Hydrodynamic Lubrication", Sigsam Bulletin Vol. 22, No. 2, (1988) pp. 50--62.

    ISSAC Papers

    1. Robert M. Corless, P. M. Gianni, B. M. Trager, ``A reordered Schur factorization method for zero-dimensional polynomial systems with multiple roots'', Proc. ISSAC (Maui), W. Kuechlin, ed., pp 133--140, 1997 Postscript Version
    2. Robert M. Corless, P. M. Gianni, B. M. Trager, and S. M. Watt, ``The Singular Value Decomposition for Polynomial Systems", Proceedings ISSAC '95, Montreal, A. H. M. Levelt, ed, pp.
    3. Robert M. Corless, ``Sufficiency Conditions for the Calculus of Variations", Proceedings ISSAC '94, Oxford, pp.
    4. Robert M. Corless and Honglin Ye, ``Solving linear integral equations in Maple'', Proceedings ISSAC '92, Berkeley, pp. 95--.

    Journal of Symbolic Computation

    1. Robert M. Corless, David J. Jeffrey, Michael B. Monagan, and Pratibha, ``Two perturbation calculations in fluid mechanics using large expression management", in press . Note the page numbers and the dates are incorrect; we used the JSC style files and the proper dates will be inserted on actual publication.

    Other Papers

    1. Mohammad O. Ahmed and Robert M. Corless, ``The Method of Modified Equations in Maple'', Proceedings of the 3rd International IMACS Symposium on Applications of Computer Algebra, Michael Wester and Stanly Steinberg, editors, Maui, July 24--27, 1997. (uuencoded, compressed postscript)
    2. Robert M. Corless and Jacek Rokicki, ``The Symbolic Generation of Finite Difference Formulae'', Proceedings ICIAM '96, Hamburg, to appear Longer version (technical report).
    3. Robert M. Corless, ``Symbolic Computation in Nonlinear Dynamics'', Proceedings of Let's Face Chaos Through Nonlinear Dynamics, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 1993 (Compressed Postscript Form)