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Plenary Speaker (9:00am)

Computer Technology and Undergraduate Mathematics Education

Bruce Char
Professor of Computer Science
College of Arts and Science
Drexel University
Philadelphia PA 19104


The impact of computer technology on undergraduate education is both widespread and enigmatic. Compared to the situation at the start of the '80s calculus reform movement, we now have better software, better hardware, and an extensive collection of classroom tested curricular materials. But when will we be able to say what the proper use of such technology is? We will try to answer this, although there it is not easy to give useful answers.

In this talk, we make a number of observations about the successes and failures of technology in the undergraduate curriculum. We visit current developments in mathematical problem solving environments as a leading-edge indicator of what educators and students will have available in the future. We suggest that the shaping of technology is something that many can participate in, and why it is important for more to do so than currently are.

Robert Corless
Fri May 2 12:23:10 EDT 1997