Introduction to Maple for Faculty

Western now has a site license for Maple , and you may want to use it in your courses or your research. This one-hour introduction to Maple is intended to help you do so.

When and Where?

Monday, November 9, 12:00noon -- 1:00pm,

Monday, November 16, 10:00am --11:00am (Repeat)

in the PC lab in Natural Science (2nd floor)

What is Maple? Maple is a program that does mathematics with symbols; algebra, calculus, differential equations, statistics and probability, plotting etc. For example, suppose everyone in a population of [Maple Math] people is in close contact with [Maple Math] (alpha) others, chosen at random. If one person is infected with a disease and the disease spreads by transitivity to the to all those who are in close contact with the infected person, the total number of infected people will be approximately [Maple Math] for large [Maple Math] , where

> gamma = 1-exp(-alpha*gamma);

[Maple Math]

> solve(%, gamma);

[Maple Math]

The function W appearing in that formula is the Lambert W Function, which Maple knows a lot about.

> plot(subs(_NN1=0,%), alpha=1..5);

[Maple Plot]

Rob Corless, the course instructor, is the author of Essential Maple (published by Springer Verlag) and has given many introductory courses in Maple.

To ensure maximum use of the limited space in the lab, there will be a refundable deposit of fifteen dollars to reserve a seat.


* getting a copy of Maple on your own machine (from Judy Steward)

* starting Maple

* where to find help and tutorials

* menu tour

* most useful commands

* output: worksheets, plots, LaTeX, HTML

* writing small programs

* teaching tips: what works in class, what doesn't