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The University of Western Ontario
London, Canada

Department of Computer Science
CS 422a/539a --- Foundations of Computer Algebra

Course Description --- Fall 1998
Revised September 22, 1998

  1. Description
  2. Prerequisites
  3. Instructors

  4. Course Assistant Information: no assistant
  5. Texts
  6. Topics may include:
    1. Introduction to Computer Algebra
    2. Introduction to the Maple Computer Algebra system
    3. Polynomial Arithmetic
      1. Data Structures
      2. Arithmetic
      3. The Euclidean Algorithm
      4. The Chinese Remainder Theorem and Modular Algorithms
    4. Sparse linear systems and Black-box matrices
    5. Lazy power series in Maple
    6. Systems Issues
      1. Memory Management and Garbage Collection
      2. Type systems for Mathematics // an example of an Aldor domain
      3. Functional programming, RO vs RW data, lazy series reprise
      4. communication of mathematical objects

  7. General Course Conduct
  8. Exam/Quiz Schedule
  9. Assignment/Programming Schedule
  10. Student Evaluation
  11. Assignments are to be created with the document-preparation package LaTeX. All assignments not submitted electronically to must be submitted in a brown envelope with your name and the name of the assignment printed in the upper-right-hand corner. Some marks will be deducted for poor grammar, spelling errors, etc, but there is also the possibility of bonus marks for surprising and original work.

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Robert Corless
Wed Sep 23 13:43:40 EDT 1998