CS 422a/539a

Computer Science 422a/539a: Foundations of Computer Algebra

Symbolic and Numeric Computing

In Fall 1998 I am giving a course, CS422a, on the foundations of computer algebra, together with Stephen Watt and Mark Giesbrecht . This is different from the course Applications of Computer Algebra (AM5563) in that it concentrates on some of the basic algorithms used in most computer algebra systems.

Meeting Place and Time :

Tuesdays 8:00am--10:00am

Western Science Centre Room 156

The course e-mailing list is cs422@julian.uwo.ca . Mail to this list is sent to all instructors and students. You can view this list at this ITS site.

Project files

  1. projects.ps postsript version of list of projects; LaTeX version of project list
  2. project.cls LaTeX2e class file for the project report
  3. sample.tex Sample LaTeX report
  4. Recipes.bib Sample bibliography style file
  5. Lazy Series Package in Maple

Remarks on the first lecture

Course Outline ( Revised Sept 22)

TeX source for the outline (more readable, if you have TechExplorer)