What I mean by thrillers is not horror, but rather suspense/action books which aren't really mysteries (though they can have mysteries). You'll see what I mean by the list of authors.

  1. Desmond Bagley. Thanks to Dave Hare for telling me about him. Pity there are so few books. They're dynamite (particularly `The Enemy').
  2. Delacorta . Have you seen the movie "Diva"? For me, this movie does for colour films what "Casablanca" did for black and white---it is an intensely visual and sensual film. The book upon which it was based is quite different---in many ways less than the movie, in some ways more. Gorodish is less likable, Alba is blonde, French and younger (there are limits to film audience sensibilities much stricter than for readers). But best of all, there are more . All are strange and compelling.
  3. Dick Francis. I used to dislike horses---it's amazing, after reading Dick Francis' books (thank you, Uncle Mac & Aunt Carol, for hooking me on them), I really like horses (oh, they were dying to have my approval, I know).
  4. Ken Follett. The Man from St. Petersburg is my favourite.
  5. Elmore Leonard. Amazingly, "Get Shorty" was better on film.
  6. Robert Ludlum (though not lately---the last one I read stank).
  7. John D. MacDonald. Travis McGee is the man... Such a pity that the rumours of a final "Black" McGee book were false.