I still haven't read much poetry, but poetry surrounds us every day; most of it is bad of course (one immediately thinks of The Outthere Brothers "put your booty on my face..." or whatever it is) but some of it is sublime. I guess I'll have to expand this list into a list of my favourite musicians. Not today... I recommend the anthology "Immortal Poems of the English Language", edited by Oscar Williams, published by Washington Square Press. At $7.99 plus tax (Canadian) I have rarely made a better buy. Before we get started on the real poets, here's an Ode to Grapefruit .

Here are some words I wrote in (I think) about 1998:
A collection I have recently acquired is Vic Elias' book Reflected Scenery from Where My Eyes Should Be. I'm going to suggest that Vic put ordering information on his home page; his work is very good (but not for the faint of heart).
It is with deep regret that I record here the death of Vic Elias (2006). In his last two years, since his diagnosis with cancer, he published ten refereed journal publications (plus two submitted just before he died), and completed two more books of poetry. His fourth and final book "The Cataracts of Troy" came out Fall 2006; powerful, sad, wise. As I write this, an early version of "Dirait-On" is pinned to my wall, covering a copy of "A Game of Jeopardy", the title poem from his second book: it's amazing. We'll miss him.
Here's a random list of other poets I have read.