It feels a little strange, compiling this list. Books are my life, and by putting this list in a public place I will be telling anyone who looks quite a lot about how I think and who I am. On the other hand, I have enjoyed nearly twenty-five years of concentrated (and fast) reading, and I have read a lot in that time, both very good and very bad. I have a lot of experience that other people can use, and so this list of authors may be helpful. I've divided my favourites up into categories:

Patrick O'Brian

Everyone else

There is no other classification possible at this level.

I'm always open to new authors, so please by all means send me email describing your favourites. My address is

The world's biggest bookstore.

Are books going the way of the dinosaur? Is this wonderful sea of memes going to dry up? Here's a link to Spider Robinson's alarming (alarmist?) essay Squeegee your monitor? . I haven't made up my mind yet whether he's right.