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Software Packages

  1. Robert M. Corless : normset, a package for converting multivariate polynomial system root problems to eigenvalue problems. Intended for the Maple Library.
  2. David Fayegh, Loki Jörgenson, & Robert M. Corless : Maple HTML interface for Organic Mathematics (
  3. Jacek Rokicki & Robert M. Corless : FINDIF, a program for finite difference generation. (Maple Share Library)
  4. Amanda E. Connell & Robert M. Corless : INTPAK, an experimental interval arithmetic package (Maple Share Library)
  5. Robert M. Corless : CALCVAR: a package for sufficiency analysis in the calculus of variations. (Maple Share Library)
  6. Robert M. Corless : Hurwitz, a package for studying stability of polynomials. (Maple Share Library)
  7. Robert M. Corless & Honglin Ye: INTSOLVE, a package for the analytical solution of linear integral equations. (Maple Share Library, to appear)
  8. Robert M. Corless & K. El-Sawy: BANDSOLVE, a Maple package for the solution of banded linear systems (ftp to
  9. Robert M. Corless , David J. Jeffrey , & M. A. H. Nerenberg : RowEchelon, a package for computing the Row Echelon Form of a matrix. (Maple Share Library, now incorporated into Maple V Release 4).

Robert Corless
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