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Papers in Progress

  1. Robert M. Corless & George F. Corliss, ``Defect-Controlled Taylor Series Methods for Ordinary Differential Equations'', intended for SIAM J. Scientific Computing.
  2. Robert M. Corless , David J. Jeffrey , & Keith Briggs, ``The Dynamics of the Lambert W Function''.

  3. Paulina Chin & Robert M. Corless , ``Univariate GCD by Optimization''.
  4. Robert M. Corless , David J. Jeffrey , M. B. Monagan , & Pratibha, ``Substitution in Maple, or, What's Inside a Name?''.
  5. Paulina Chin, Robert M. Corless , & George Corliss, ``Globsol Case Study: Approximate GCD''.
  6. Robert M. Corless & Mike Haslam, ``Ghost Curves of Chebyshev Polynomials''.
  7. Robert M. Corless & Laureano Gonzalez-Vega, ``Resultants from Polynomial Values'' (to be presented at the 3rd Spanish Conference on Computer Algebra, Granada, Spain, September 1997).

Robert Corless
Fri Jan 9 10:52:31 EST 1998