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On Writing

I love to write. I write quickly, and in a style very close to how I actually speak. (My speech sounds a bit formal, my writing informal---that's an artifact of our usual conventions). I typically write far too much on the first draft, and then cut and cut to make a paper. I also usually start with an outline in sections and subsections, and stick to that. I find it usually works. Writing with other people can be good---with David Jeffrey, for example, it works very well. He is extremely picky, and very very knowledgable about style, and the end result of the multiple rounds of criticism from him is usually a very tight, solid paper. I've learned a lot from him, and now my single-author papers are quite a bit better than they used to be. I also try to write in an active tense, and use ``I'' when I mean it and not the royal ``we'', which makes my papers a bit different than the usual.

Rob Corless
Sun Dec 3 19:24:27 PST 1995