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Beginning with my first year here I have a consistent record of innovation in teaching; new methods and tools of teaching classical material, revitalized classical material and brand new material in all of my courses. The principal source of my innovations is new technologies, but that is not the only source; for example, the modern theory of chaotic dynamical systems has had a profound effect on all my courses, from first year calculus through fourth year numerical methods for differential equations up to my graduate courses. These innovations are documented in my papers and books on mathematics, computer science, and engineering education.

As regards technology, I have used graphing calculators, microcomputers and labs, symbolic packages (Maple), numerical packages (Matlab), and most recently helped develop leading-edge software for the use of the Web in teaching (see the section on Organic Mathematics). I believe in a principled and thoughtful approach to the introduction of technology, and I believe that the curriculum---the material we teach---and not just the way we teach should change as we introduce technology.

Robert Corless
Fri Jan 9 10:26:41 EST 1998