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Conferences, Workshops, and Seminar Series Organized

I have organized the following conferences and seminar series, all aimed at either educational issues (specifically to do with technology), or aimed specifically at graduate student education, or (in the case of MSIC) promotion of a broad and general environment for education of our graduate students and colleagues in all mathematical sciences departments.

  1. Canadian Applied Mathematical Society Annual Meeting 1997, minisymposium on Technology in Mathematics Education
  2. The Mathematical Sciences Interdepartmental Colloquium Series (MSIC) (started Spring 1996)
  3. Flow-Induced Vibration Day, May 1996
  4. Numerical Analysis Day, 1991 and 1996
  5. Computer Algebra Day (since 1988)
  6. Fractal Friday (Spring 1995)

Robert Corless
Fri Jan 9 10:26:41 EST 1998