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Evidence of impact and effectiveness

A half-dozen refereed papers joint with graduate students, and a paper joint with an undergraduate student (Amanda Connell, whom I sent to Louisiana to give a talk on the paper), have arisen out of projects for my Maple course or out of undergraduate supervision; one more paper is in preparation from the Special Functions course (with Mike Haslam); in addition, three students published refereed papers on their own (Amir Fariborz, Dhavide Aruliah and Nelly Simoes) strictly based on their projects for my course. In addition, several Engineering Ph.D. theses (including those of Yuan Jing and P. Young) have been strongly influenced by my course. Naturally, theses in our own department have also been affected (the most outstanding example is Dr. Pratibha, who was David Jeffrey's student).

Robert Corless
Fri Jan 9 10:26:41 EST 1998