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Journal papers from new undergraduate curricular material

Some mathematics journals contain sections aimed at instructors of lower-level courses. I have reported on new curricular developments in several papers for such sections. A list follows.

  1. Robert M. Corless , ``Variations on a theme of Newton'', accepted for Mathematics Magazine.
  2. Robert M. Corless , ``An elementary solution of a minimax problem arising in mesh generation'', submitted.
  3. Robert M. Corless , ``Fourier Series without Calculus'', developed by request for high-school students (St. Patricks), unpublished.
  4. Robert M. Corless , ``Differential Equations with Maple V by Abell and Braselton'', SIGSAM BULLETIN vol 30 no. 1, March (1996) 57--60. [Book Review]
  5. T. Scott, B. Madore, & Robert M. Corless , ``Maple in Science Education'', Special Issue of MapleTech, (1994) 58--68.
  6. Robert M. Corless , ``Six, Lies, and Calculators'', The American Mathematical Monthly, vol. 100, no. 4, (1993) 344--350.

Robert Corless
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