Preliminary Schedule for

Computer Algebra Day (Western),

Tuesday, April 14, 1998

Room 105b, Middlesex College

The University of Western Ontario

Student talks are 25 minutes long, with 5 minutes for questions and changing over.
9:00 R. Corless Introductory remarks
9:15 F. Chishtie Asymptotic evaluation of integrals
9:45 A. Elkaderi Symbolic analysis of the discrete logistic equation
10:15 G. Litt Unwinding elementary functions
10:45 ------ Coffee Break
11:00 H. Zhong Analysis of some branch point series for functions related to W(z)
11:30 S. Qita Fourier series in Maple
12:00 ------ Lunch
2:00 Deepak Kapur Multivariate Elimination *** Invited Talk
3:00 ----- Coffee Break
3:30 R. Okojie Resultants in Maple
4:00 S. Zhu Normal forms for ODE in Maple
4:30 R. Corless Closing remarks