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Applied Computer Algebra

Residue theory for Question 2, p. 250

Three scanned-in pages giving the theory of the formula in the case of a double root.

  1. First page
  2. Second page
  3. Third page

Lecture Notes (Maple Worksheet) on solving polynomials by means of eigenproblems, by Rob Corless; lecture November 19, 2001. See also Groebner to Eigenproblem , An example with parameters , and A problem with a double root .

Lecture Notes (Maple Worksheet) on Groebner Bases by Karin Gatermann; lecture November 12, 2001.

Programs and Worksheets for the book Essential Maple 7 are now available.

Lecture notes (Maple Worksheets) for November 5, 2001.

  1. Cramer's Rule.
  2. LU Decomposition.
  3. Singular Value Decomposition.
  4. Discontinuity.

Assignment 4 (PDF file) Due Monday, November 26, 2001.

Lecture notes by Stephen Watt

Infinite Continued Fractions (PDF file) Monday October 29, 2001

Infinite objects in Maple (Maple worksheet) Monday October 22, 2001

Introduction to Maple (Maple worksheet) Monday October 15, 2001

Assignment 3: Choose your project, and arrange a meeting with a course advisor to talk about it. (if you have not done so already). Due Date: Monday October 29.

Project list: choose your format (PDF, PS, DVI)

Assignment 2 (Due Monday October 15, 19:05) : choose your format (PDF, PS, DVI)


Meeting times: Mondays 19:00--21:00, in WSC 156. 1st meeting Sept. 24, 2001.

Course Outline and 1st Assignment: (PDF) Needs Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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Takehome Final Exam


Final Schedule for Computer Algebra Day (Western), held on Tuesday April 14, 1998

Solutions to the Midterm (1998)

Worksheet form of solutions for the Midterm (1998)


Sample Exam (DVI Version)

Sample Exam (HTML Version)

E. J. Weniger's report on sequence acceleration by nonlinear methods (HTML version)

DVI version

Assignments and Solutions

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