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Marking schemes

There is a mixture of undergraduates taking Math 498 for credit, graduate students taking Math 990 for credit, and others auditing and simply sitting in (I would ask the sitters-in to discuss that with me). It is expected that everyone will do the assignments (even the sitters-in). It is expected that those undergraduates who so elect will write a midterm and a final exam. It is expected that graduate students taking the course for credit will do a project, which will be presented on Computer Algebra Day (see section (1.13)), and written up and handed in for publication in the proceedings at that time (it will count as an unrefereed publication on your c.v.). It is also expected that after the course is finished, the best projects will be written up for submission to ISSAC, to the Journal of Symbolic Computation, or to any other appropriate place; naturally this will not be a course requirement!

It is possible for an undergraduate to elect to do a project instead of exams. This will require more work, but will obviously be more fun. Obviously this election will have to occur early enough (i.e. the end of September or the first week in October) for substantial work on the project to occur.

The mark breakdown is as follows:

Exam option: 20% assignments, 30% midterm, 50% Final.

Project option: 20% assignments, 40% oral presentation at Computer Algebra Day, 40% written (LaTeX) version.

Rob Corless
Thu Sep 7 10:54:30 PDT 1995