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Assignment 1: Background Check

Please hand in the answers to the following questions by tomorrow afternoon: consider it your first assignment (marks are nominal and everyone who hands it in gets 100%).

  1. Give your name, student number, e-mail address, phone number or other way of getting in contact with you, and your field of study and year here. If a graduate student, please give some details of your previous degrees and fields of study.
  2. Write a paragraph or two detailing your mathematics background.
  3. Write a paragraph or two detailing your computer programming background. Include the programming language you use most, and also the one you like most, if any.
  4. Describe your experience with computer algebra in general and Maple in particular (this could range from none at all through casual use through writing a few programs (details please!) through taking or giving courses in it).
  5. Tell me your main scientific interests.
  6. Identify the mathematical (not the Maple) difficulties if any in the statements below, and explain:
    1. so , taking x=-2 in the above. Applying the command evalf(Sum(2^k, k=0..infinity)); in Maple yields -1, confirming this.

    2. If and , then

      Again, SPM_ampint(1/(2+sin(x)),x)& yields this in Maple.

Rob Corless
Thu Sep 7 10:54:30 PDT 1995