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Course Outline

This outline is mutable. I will adjust it to the level of the participants in the course, insofar as I am able.

  1. Introduction: Administrivia, Maple examples, history
  2. Linear Algebra: exact arithmetic versus floating-point; conditioning.
  3. Polynomials: Maple tools for polynomial manipulation; GCD and the Euclidean algorithm, more modern algorithms; resultant, discriminant, stability and the Hurwitz criterion; bifurcation; RootOf; Gröbner bases
  4. Calculus: differentiation, series, integration and the Risch algorithm in practice, differential equations; calculus of variations
  5. Special Functions: the Lambert W function; elliptic functions; hypergeometric functions; orthogonal polynomials.
  6. Other topics

Rob Corless
Thu Sep 7 10:54:30 PDT 1995