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Computer Algebra Day

Everyone who does a project is expected to hand in a report, not exceeding 25 (two-column ACM Conference style) pages, on the project. They are also expected to give a 15-20 minute talk on the project (for credit), on Computer Algebra Day. I usually also arrange for a guest speaker to give a one-hour general talk on computer algebra, and I expect that this will occur this time as well.

The tentative date for Computer Algebra Day is Tuesday, December 5. I have not yet got a room for it. I anticipate that many people from the department will attend. For past Computer Algebra Days, my wife Sumaya has volunteered to provide lunch; if she doesn't volunteer this time, I'll see what else can be done to make a social break in the day.

This year, I plan to publish an electronic proceedings of Computer Algebra Day. Essentially, I will put up the LaTeX versions of the reports online; given time and energy, we may make them `organic' as well.

Rob Corless
Thu Sep 7 10:54:30 PDT 1995