Compressed postscript form of notes for Feb 13 and 20

Zipped postscript form of notes for Feb 13 and 20 (230K)

plain postscript form of notes for Feb 13 and 20 (2Meg)

Two Maple programs, and their test files, are included below. The help files for these programs will be included later.

  1. Download these programs and test files.
  2. Create a library directory on your account, and tell Maple about it (see ?libname, ?savelib, and ?mapleinit).
  3. Use savelib to save these programs in your library.
  4. Run the test files to see if they work.

Fraction-Free Factorization



Moore-Penrose Inverse


Jan. 30, 1998

Jan 30, DVI form

This is the same (essentially) as was handed out Jan 17, 1996, for AM511b. Note the course number has changed, and we have acquired an official connection to an undergraduate course number, AM475b. HTML form of 1st day notes, for Jan 20, 1998. Nothing has been updated below this line.

Please download and print the following only if you really need it; perhaps arrange for one copy between two or three people, or have it copied in a photocopier.

Jan 31, DVI form (68 pages)

Jan 31, HTML form

Feb 28, DVI form (42 pages)

Feb 28, HTML form

March 13, 1996 (HTML, 12 pages)

March 13, DVI form

Nov 2, (POSTSCRIPT) Lambert W function paper

Nov 2, (in French) Other series expansions for W

Nov 2, (DRAFT) Unwinding number paper

Nov 9, (DVI, 28 pages) Elliptic Functions

The following is three versions of the same file. I have fixed the errors in them that I have found (mostly just LaTeX bugs).

Nov 16 (HTML, 10 pages)

Nov 16 (DVI)

Nov 16 (Postscript)

Some of the notes for Nov 23 are contained in worksheets. See the Worksheets section to obtain them.

Nov 23 (HTML, 5 pages)

Nov 23 (DVI)

Nov 23 (Postscript)

Please send me your comments on the course. I am particularly interested in comments on the technology used in class, the technology used to distribute notes and assignments, and the labs.