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  1. Assignment 2 is ready to be handed back today. Solutions are posted in the usual place.

  2. One common Maple mistake surfaced in this assignment last term, which is worth commenting on here though no-one made this mistake this time (well done!).
    f(x) := sin(x);
    What this does is create a procedure called f, and assign an entry to its remember table. Thus f(x) will return sin(x). f(3) will return f(3). That is, unless you type exactly f(x) you will not get what you thought you typed. Instead, use operators:
    f := x -> sin(x);
    or expressions
    f := sin(x);
    Otherwise results can be quite unpredictable.

Today's topic: polynomials in Maple: GCD, resultants, the Hurwitz criterion.

Robert Corless
Wed Feb 28 18:25:56 EST 1996