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The Princeton Companion to Applied Mathematics is now available!

A Graduate Introduction to Numerical Methods, From the Viewpoint of Backward Error Analysis

Nic Fillion and I are pleased to announce the publication of a new graduate textbook, “A Graduate Introduction to Numerical Methods, From the Viewpoint of Backward Error Analysis”.

The book has made the Notable Computing Books and Articles of 2013 list of the ACM Computing Reviews in the "Mathematics of Computing" section.

Computing Reviews' Best of 2013 list consists of book and article nominations from their reviewers, Computing Reviews category editors, the editors in chief of journals they cover, and others in the computing community.

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My creaky, old, and antiquated previous web page; original design 1995---lots of stuff still there, which will eventually move here. For the new one, thanks go to Ben Johnson, who designed Samantha Brennan's page, who herself let me "borrow" the design.

Photo of Professor Corless by Paul Mayne

Rob Corless's address is Middlesex College Room 272 at the University of Western Ontario in London, ON. The postal code is N6A 5B7, and he can be reached by phone at (519) 661-2111 x88785. His e-mail address is his first initial followed by his last name (no spaces or periods) at .