Selected Publications

(The names in italic are Yu's students)

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  1. X. Sun and P. Yu, ``Periodic traveling waves in a generalized BBM equation with weak backward diffusion and dissipation terms,'' Discrete Continuous Dyn. Syst. Ser. B (revision under review).

  2. P. Yu, A. Nadeem and L.M. Wahl, ``The impact of prophage on the equilibria and stability of phage and host,'' J. Nonlinear Sci., 27, 817-846, 2017. PDF file

  3. W. Zhang, L.M. Wahl and P. Yu, ``Backward bifurcations, turning points and rich dynamics in simple disease models,'' J. Math. Biol., 73(4), 947-976, 2016. PDF file

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  8. Y. Tian and P. Yu, ``Center conditions in a switching Bautin system,'' J. Diff. Equs., 259(3), 1203-1226, 2015. PDF file

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  11. B. Chan and P. Yu, ``Bifurcation, stability, and cluster formation of multi-strain infection models,''J. Math. Biol., 67(6-7), 1507-1532, 2013. PDF file

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  33. P. Yu and K. Huseyin, ``Bifurcations associated with a double zero and a pair of pure imaginary eigenvalues,'' SIAM J. Appl. Math., 48(2), 229-261, 1988. PDF file
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