Group Leader


Colin Denniston

Tel: +519 661 2111 x88791
Fax: +519 661 3523
Email: cdennist(at)
Office: Middlesex College Room 266



Graduate Students

Setareh Rezaei

Setareh Rezaei

Email: schangiz(at)
Office: Physics & Astronomy Building 317
Research Topics: Simulation of heterogeneous colloidal particles immersed in a liquid crystal


Shikhar Dwivedi

Shikar Mani Dwivedi

Email: sdwived(at)
Office: Middlesex College Room 213
Research Topics: Driven elastic particles in flow



Venkat Bala

Venkat Bala

Email: vbalasu8(at)
Office: Middlesex College Room 275B
Research Topics: Confined polymers in flow



Felix Schwab

Felix Schwab

Email: felix.schwab(at)
Location: Middlesex College Room 275B Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Research Topics: Phase-field modeling of thermo-mechanical properties in multiphase solidification microstructures
Co-supervisor: Britta Nestler, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology


Ganna Piatkovska

Email: gpiatkov(at)
Office: on leave
Research Topics: Nonlocal dielectric properites, polymer dynamics in liquid crystals


Alena Antipova

Mona Habibi

Santtu Ollila

Frances Mackay

Ling-ti Kong

John Drozd

Mario Nunez

Dan Vriesinga

Blair Fraser

Chris Smith