The Undergraduate Society of Applied Math is a student-run, volunteer-driven society dedicated to serving the student body of Applied Math. The primary goal of USAM is to promote interaction between fellow Applied Math students and grow a sense of community within the department.


The staff comprises of a team of six dedicated executive members. Visit the staff page to learn more about us.


We strive to engage students with current research within the department and provide an education where their skills are applicable outside the classroom. We create an environment in the department that both students and faculty can be proud of and benefit from.

Secondary goals include promoting Applied Math to potential students, maintaining communication with faculty and students to improve our role within the department, and keeping students informed of competitions, events, volunteer opportunities, and any other news that may be useful to them.


We hold regular events, such as seminars, where students are invited to socialize and learn.

We also host a variety of other events throughout the year, including socials where students can have a chance to meet and socialize. We'll also give students the opportunity to meet the faculty.


USAM has a constitution, written by Jonathon Riddell and Nathan Pagliaroli. It was signed by all current members on November 02, 2016.

To view the constitution, download the following pdf: