Graduate Program in Computational Science (GPCS)
University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario, Canada, N6A 5B7
During the last decade Scientific Computing has gradually developed into a field of its own, distinct from traditional experimental and theoretical developments, and the application of computers and computational techniques to significant scientific problems is becoming an indispensable component of many disciplines ranging from social to natural sciences and engineering.

The UWO Graduate Program in Scientific Computing aims to provide students from different disciplines with solid hands-on knowledge of how different computational techniques can be used in, for example, physical, biological and social sciences. The program consists of course work and research on the fundamental principles and techniques in computation in order for the students to be able to carry out computationally intensive work in their own field. The emphasis of the program is on the development of state-of-the-art methods and the application of these methods to real-world scientific problems. Examples include the development of algorithms, application of symbolic methods, high-performance computing, parallelization, data analysis and visualization.

This is a collaborative program in Computational Science offered jointly by a group of departments in the Faculties of Science and Medicine in order to train graduate students, at both the MSc and PhD level, in the application of computational science to their own discipline.

Students will first be accepted into the graduate program of a department in their own discipline and then if they decide that they want to concentrate on the computational aspects of their discipline, they can apply to the collaborative program in computational science. Normally this means that some of the course requirements in their discipline will be replaced by courses in computational science.

Students who graduate in this program will get either an MSc or a PhD degree with the words 'with Scientific Computing' added to their certificate.

Last modified Wednesday October 14, 2015