Graduate Studies

The GPCS offers degrees at the M.Sc. and Ph.D. levels. Key Goals:
  1. To provide an excellent foundation in the techniques and methodology used in scientific computing.

  2. To encourage broad interdisciplinary interactions in scientific computing, e.g., by fostering collaborative research.

Students who graduate in this program will get either an MSc or a PhD degree with the words with Scientific Computing added to their certificate.

MSc Program

The curriculum consists of:

  1. Two courses in computational science,
  2. active participation in the seminar series Scientific Computing 501, and
  3. up to three additional courses as specified by the student's home department in the Fall and Winter terms followed by
  4. a thesis or significant research project - depending on the home department.
The computional science courses are common to all collaborating departments. Please see the links on the right for a description.

Doctoral Program

Admission to the Doctoral Program requires successful completion of the Master's Program requirements.

A list of courses recognized by GPSC can be found at the links on the right side.

More information:

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