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Preparation of Talks

Typically, each speaker has been given 30 min (25 min for talk + 5 min for questions and changeover).  Still, some exceptions exist: e.g. plenary speakers have been given more time, some minisymposium participants have been allocated less time.  Each speaker is encouraged to check time allotted to him/her in the program.

Each speaker is asked to prepare a pdf version of his/her talk and load it on a USB drive.  Digital projectors and PCs with pdf readers will be available in conference rooms. Although PowerPoint is likely to be available, speakers should have a pdf version as a "back up".

Each speaker is asked to make sure he/she knows time and location for the session in which he/she is participating.  We ask that each speaker check in with the session moderator 10-15 min before the session begins; at this time the speaker will be asked to load his/her talk onto the session’s PC and confirm that it displays correctly.


Preparation of Posters

Posters should fit on a 4' x 8' poster board. The conference will supply the means of attaching posters to poster boards. Poster presenters are asked to arrive at the Poster Session 10-15 min before the session begins.